Akira Club // our story

An unbridled celebration of technology, sound and form. Akira offers the unique versatility of a VIP experience in the heart of Pattaya’s Walking Street. Akira Club features futuristic visual and lighting elements. With unique sets from premier local DJs and renowned international artists.

Embark on a journey of excitement reimagined through our futuristic lens

Imagine a world where dreaming big is the norm, you’re always surrounded by rhythms of music that activate your senses and shifting lights that mesmerize you. When you walk into Akira, it’s like stepping into the future. Your body pulses with electric energy with every second that passes. That world isn’t just a vision, it’s real and it’s Akira Club. 


Akira Club // our values


Our commitment to hospitality reflects through every aspect of our service. Every guest is made to feel welcome and cared for from the moment they step inside the club. Every moment at Akira is intentionally designed to make you feel the best, ensuring extraordinary experiences for all, no matter what. 


Akira Club specializes in superior quality. From the drinks we serve to the setting we provide, quality is our core value. As a nightclub inspired by the vibrance of Tokyo, Japan, we are also committed to Kaizen – a process of continuous improvement that ensures our guests expectations are exceeded. 


We go the extra mile to create captivating experiences you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Akira Club is like stepping into a cool, futuristic world where you can forget about everyday life and indulge in pure happiness. Leave the past behind and savor the good times. Akira Club Pattaya awaits you 

Akira Club // experience the future

How it all began 

Since day one, our vision for Akira Club has been rooted in a passion for redefining nightlife. We didn’t just want to replicate Pattaya’s night club scene. Instead, we strived to create an environment where people connect, thrive, and indulge. At Akira, no second is stale or boring, it’s an adventure that feels exceptional. 

Our spirit is joyful entertainment

Akira’s spirit is vibrant like Pattaya and wholly futuristic like Japan – our team has gone above and beyond to craft a space that puts you on cloud 9. At Akira Club, it isn’t merely about upbeat music and neon lights, that’s just one part of the bigger picture. It’s all about you having a great time. So, shed your burdens, relax, and get buzzed. Watch the space around you melt into moments of extreme bliss.

Experience elation without bounds

Immerse yourself in an environment that’s truly EPIC. Enjoy mind-blowing performances, delicious drinks, and unforgettable interactions every night. We promise a unique experience for each individual – Akira Club lets the guest own the moment, the space is yours to conquer. Rest assured, there is something for everyone – you won’t EVER feel left out.